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Oct 8, 2012 3:00am PDT
. how chicago is going up against san antonio to see which city can get healthier, first. and up next, a new pbs documentary goes behind the scenes of the presidential campaigns for the personal moments and tough decisions that have shaped president obama and governor romney. but first, bill karins with a check on your forecast. bill. >> good morning to you, mika, on this columbus day. the well advertised blast of cold air came down, made it all the way to the eastern sea board. the question now, how long is it going to last? looks like there's a reenforcing shot of cold air in the midwest, so i think they're here for a week. just dropp eped down to 31 in oklahoma city. one of the earliest freezes on record there. this is not your normal cold air blast. about two weeks early. also a little rain in areas of tennessee. that will try to move through the mid-atlantic this afternoon, so you may get a little wet later on this afternoon. not a lot of rain. just a little bit. a cold start, a beautiful afternoon in the central plains. no big storms across the country over the next couple of da
Oct 30, 2012 3:00am PDT
caskill was the first woman elected to the columbia city council and that's sort of how she got her start in politics. they always talked about politics throughout her entire life. >> she was here with senator mccaskill -- >> she was here. >> a year and a half ago. her mom. >> they were extremely close. >> yeah. >> very sad passing. >> our thoughts and prayers are certainly with you, senator mccaskill and the entire family. >> yep. >>> coming up, an update on the storm response from new jersey governor chris christie. we'll also talk to chris matthews and david brooks about the state of the election with just seven days to go. >>> plus, author of the best-selling book "the perfect storm" will be here with his thoughts on yesterday's super storm. up next, mike allen with a top stories in the politico playbook. and we'll continue to bring you updates on the hurricane throughout the morning. keep it here on "morning joe." [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...
Oct 5, 2012 3:00am PDT
.m. on the west coast as you take a live look at new york city. mika, who is with us today? >> first you have to tell everyone it's time to wake up. mark halperin joins us and donny deutsch. >> okay. the kids will be talking about it all weekend. >> i'm still curious about what everybody is waiting for in those first debates. i don't want to be cynical. i am not quite sure what is going to happen there that is going to flip the switch. we've seen these guys. i know we haven't seen them together. give me a scenario, for instance an actual back and forth that could actually happen that you would go, save one of them. >> what if one didn't show up? >> would you like me to support my original thesis? number one among undecided 5% one-quarter of those, a 1% shift. number two, every poll before the first debate usually ends up being the stand up poll at the end. number three more importantly actually the leader, the front-runner now gets to be the underdog in the next one. what is it going to change? >> the outcome of the election. >> no it's not. what can we bet right now in a serious bet in front
Oct 31, 2012 3:00am PDT
narrow the focus of this race. >> right. first we're going to start with the aftermath of sandy. the united states pledging quick relief for the millions of victims of the hurricanes. today president obama is scheduling to arrive in atlantic city to survey the damage alongside governor chris christie. this morning the associated press reports the storm killed at least 50 people. there are more than 8.2 million households still without power across 17 states. and many of the outages could last beyond election day. between damage to property and the economy, the total impact expected to reach a staggering $50 billion. the damage is perhaps nowhere worse than the coastline of new jersey where sandy came ashore laying waste to an amusement park and historic boardwalk at seaside heights. as for the airports, jfk, newark, they're expected to resume limited service this morning. the same cannot be said for laguardia. jetblue posted these photos of the runways submerged. more than 18,000 flights have already been canceled as a result of sandy. and police had to take to the air to save v
Oct 3, 2012 3:00am PDT
obama. the left has a paul ryan video. it's a whole lot of fun. i'm sure you'll love it. >>> first here's bill karins. he's got a check on the forecast. bill. >> morning, joe. maybe you noticed yourself down in d.c., too, the fog, a big issue this morning up and down the big cities from new york city all the way down through philadelphia, baltimore and d.c. give yourself some extra time. i'm sure we're going to have airport delays as the airports get going this morning. some people are saying it's the worst fog they've seen in a long time throughout this region. it will lift by 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. so the heart of it is right now. we will see a few showers during the day but not like yesterday where it really was a rainout in a few spots. temperatures will be very warm and humid. we are going to see a chance of showers in new york city as we go through thursday and then again over the weekend. it's over the weekend that the temperatures drop on the east coast including washington, d.c., and boston with highs in the 50s and 60s. right now all that cool air is located in montana. i'm showin
Oct 23, 2012 3:00am PDT
to talk about it because they want to be tougher on how many bad guys we can kill. >> first of all, we've never gone into karachi or a big city like that. >> where was ksm apprehended. >> in karachi but we never sent drones. >> of course we did. >> listen -- if you know what you're clapping about, that would make it better for everybody else here. that was my point. we would send people into karachi to get ksm to pull him out. now we're indiscriminantly launching drones. listen, i hate to sound like a code pink guy here. i'm telling you, this is causing this, quote, collateral damage, with a joystick from california, this is going to cause problems in the future. >> if it's misused and a major possibility of misuse if you have the wrong people running the government. but the bottom line in the end is, whose 4-year-old gets killed? what we're doing is limiting -- >> does that matter? >> -- limiting the possibility that 4-year-olds here are going to get killed by indiscriminate acts of terror. >> listen, not if you don't have another way to go in. and apprehend these terrorists. >> no, w
Oct 1, 2012 3:00am PDT
. ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. . >>> yeah. it's a good weekend because liverpool had a good weekend. >> simmer down now. >> i'm talking the city. both won. everton fans. ronler bennett. and they're saying two minutes, there's not a chance in hell we're going get this done in 2. >> it's a euphemism for 5. >> first manu/tottenham. >> they showed no fear. went ahead in the first minute. in the second, welsh won. he threw it. spurs, 2-0 ahead. rang in the changes. >> look at this. usa, baby. >> this is a winner. >> usa! >> a fine young american, israel moor. >> listen. this guy is phenomenal in english soccer. clint dempsey, what a guy. >> if only he used his athletic talent to be a female gymnast, we'd love this man. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. >> why? >> let's go from there. >> tottenham wins. >> chelsea. another huge win. >> american-owned arsenal. this is all about fernando torres. he's been a goal-scoring touchback. his secret. he's asked to have an abby wambach haircut. it was not the greatest t
Oct 4, 2012 3:00am PDT
york city. welcome back to morning joe. back with us onset we have mike barnacle. >> can we go right there? >> we got to set this up first. we've all been saying the same thing around the set. phone calls coming in all last night from democratic friends, my independent friends, republicans. where does this come from? we've never seen this mitt romney before. but you say you have. >> yes, this is how mitt romney became governor of massachusetts in 2002 during a series of debates. he was exactly this way, as he was last night. he came in prepared. he had a plan. he executed it. he was armed with specific information. he went right at the opponent. then it was the governor running against him. he did that again last night, very effectively. >> and he seemed, for the first time, comfortable in his skin. we've been pounding mitt romney, despite what cheetos eaters thought on the internet, because he had a horrible, horrible month. he was uncomfortable in his skin. last night that guy was -- i agree, the best republican debate in over 20 years. i would say you have to go back to 1980s to f
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)